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1. What are the main benefits of using cold welding machines?

The process of cold welding is quick, reliable and cost-effective. The cold welding cycle takes only seconds to complete and creates a permanent bond stronger than the parent material, without using heat, fillers or fluxes.
Our SGT cold welding machines are extremely easy to use (so there is little or no need for operator training) and inexpensive to maintain.

2. What kind of materials can be welded using cold welding?

Cold welding machine can be used to join most non-ferrous wire and strip with diameters of copper wire from 0.10mm to 25.00mm and aluminium wire from 0.10mm to 50.0mm.
Various aluminium alloys, 70/30 brass, zinc, silver and silver alloys, nickel, gold and many other materials can also be welded using cold welding machines.

3. Is the cold pressure welding machine difficult to operate?

SGT cold welders are extremely easy to operate (so there is little or no need for operator training).

4. Can different non-ferrous wire be welded by cold pressure welding?

Cold welding can be used to join different non-ferrous wire, such as aluminium to copper. For example, transformer manufacturers have used to weld copper rod terminations onto the end of the aluminium winding.

5. Can I weld two non-ferrous wires that are different in size?

Yes. Special welding dies can be manufactured to weld two different wire sizes together according to customer’s requirement.

6. What is the tolerance of cold welding dies to wire?

-1% + 2% of wire to the welding die tolerance.

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